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December, 19 2022 in Product Updates

Vaultree has closed a $12.8 million dollar Series A to continue building our breakthrough solution

Here's why our $12.8 million funding round is a major development not only for us, but for the world of data privacy

Author: Vaultree Team

December, 15 2022 in Cybersecurity

Why Cybersecurity must be a top priority in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a target for cybercriminals. Here's how cybersecurity can help protect data - and lives.

Author: Vaultree Team

December, 01 2022 in Cybersecurity

SOC 2 Compliance and Cybersecurity: How it works

This is a special blog post for us, as we are Officially SOC 2 Type II Compliant with the help of Scytale.

Author: Vaultree Team

October, 11 2022 in Product Updates

Vaultree and AlloyDB: the world's first Fully Homomorphic and Searchable Cloud Encryption Solution

We've partnered with Google Cloud, and our Data-in-Use Encryption for Google's AlloyDB is available for a preview trial.

Author: Vaultree Team

October, 03 2022 in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Outer Space: Why you should care

We might not see them, but they're everywhere. Here's why you should care about devastating cyber attacks in space.

Author: Vaultree Team

September, 21 2022 in Cybersecurity

A guide to safe passwords and extra digital security tips for the ultra paranoid

Passwords involve the weakest element in every security plan: users. Here's a safe guide to an extra layer of security for your digital life.

Author: Vaultree Team

September, 14 2022 in DevOps

SQL for Beginners: A quick tutorial on how to use it

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. But how does it work? Here's what you need to know about this query language.

Author: Vaultree Team

September, 13 2022 in Cybersecurity

Phishing Explained: what you need to know to protect your data

From small frauds to corporate data breaches, phishing is rising. Here's how you can protect yourself from scammers.

Author: Vaultree Team

September, 06 2022 in Hot Trends

How can blockchain help prevent cybercrime?

Let's talk about Blockchain and the kinds of standards that can help keep organisations and their data safe.

Author: Vaultree Team

August, 26 2022 in DevOps

The Amazing Power of Rust: Why is it one of the most loved programming languages?

With so many programming languages existing today, Rust has its own special space! But why? Here's why the world loves Rust.

Author: Vaultree Team

August, 10 2022 in Hot Trends

Healthcare, Data Privacy, Post-Roe and the role of cybersecurity

The digital privacy era requires technology also to protect lives and the most private information we share.

Author: Vaultree Team

NFTs and Cybersecurity

July, 29 2022 in Hot Trends

NFTs and Cybersecurity: What you need to know about this universe

Whilst full of exciting opportunities, NFTs also bring real challenges to data privacy and security. Here's a primer on it.

Author: Vaultree Team