Elevate Your Data Security and Performance with Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption

Empower your enterprise operations with always-on encryption. Reduce risk, ensure compliance, and cut costs while processing encrypted data in real time, at scale.

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Trusted and Recognized by the Industry

Enter The Future of Data Security

Revolutionize the way you manage, analyze, and protect your data with Vaultree’s FFDUE. Gain more from your data without compromising on security and compliance.

Encrypt. Collaborate. Innovate.

Securely collaborate across teams, partners, and even across global borders. Our always-encrypted technology enables you to harness the full power of your data, opening up new revenue streams, actionable insights, and cost savings.

Data Intelligence Without Limits

Unlock your AI and analytics initiatives. Run real-time reports, leverage machine learning and deploy AI algorithms – transforming data into actionable intelligence, all while keeping it encrypted and secure.

Compliance Simplified. Growth Unlocked.

Navigating complex global data protection regulations has never been easier. Remain compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other global regulations. Now, you can focus on unlocking innovation and expanding your business without the fear of costly fines or reputational damage.

The Future of Data is Secure and Scalable.

Experience encryption technology that is lightning-fast and effortlessly scalable, designed for the modern enterprise. Seamlessly integrate our solution into your existing architecture to enhance your data security without compromising on performance or innovation.

It Pays for Itself: Transform Your Bottom Line

Achieve measurable business outcomes with Vaultree, trusted by enterprises worldwide.


Risk Reductions


Global Compliance


Cost Savings

Unlock Industry-Specific Solutions with Vaultree

Discover how organisations are revolutionising their industries with FFDUE.

Rob Teel,
CTO of the State of Oklahoma

“The development of Vaultree’s Fully Functional Data In-Use Encryption is a groundbreaking innovation that promises to enhance industries, improve lives, and drive positive change in data privacy and system performance. Vaultree has transformed the future of encryption in exciting and unprecedented ways and its founders have shown a deep commitment to research, development, privacy and security.”