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Redefine the future of travel and tourism with FFDUE. Address prevailing data security risks while facilitating uninterrupted real-time processing and analysis. Speed up service innovation, fuel AI/ML analytics for personalised travel experiences, and foster secure collaborations—all while ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing operational costs. Vaultree: Transforming travel and tourism data security into a catalyst for unparalleled customer experiences and operational excellence.

Why Choose Vaultree for the Travel Industry?

Elevating Customer Experience

Vaultree's FFDUE enables the secure processing, searching, and computation of both structured and unstructured encrypted data, creating new avenues for innovation in travel experiences and customer satisfaction through AI/ML analytics.

Unparalleled Data Security

FFDUE guarantees end-to-end data protection during all stages of data usage. If a breach occurs, Vaultree's persistent encryption ensures that data remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized entities.

Regulatory Compliance Simplified

Easily meet global travel regulations and standards such as PCI DSS for secure payments and GDPR for data protection. Vaultree's persistent encryption simplifies compliance without compromising on security.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Vaultree's technology effortlessly into existing booking and CRM systems without any changes to your existing technology stack. Benefit from secure, high-performance data storage and collaboration.

Travel Industry Solutions with Vaultree

Travel Agencies

Securely process and store customer data while leveraging AI/ML analytics for personalized travel recommendations and secure multi-agency collaboration for custom package deals.

Hospitality Providers

Protect sensitive guest information and utilize AI/ML analytics to personalize guest experiences from booking to check-out, enhancing guest satisfaction while maintaining stringent security protocols.


Safeguard encrypted passenger data and collaborate securely with other transport services to offer integrated, multi-modal transit solutions, all backed by AI/ML-optimized route planning.

Online Booking Platforms

Ensure secure data storage and transactions, particularly in real-time booking systems that demand high levels of data security. Use AI/ML analytics for real-time price optimization and fraud detection.

Tour Operators

Encrypt and secure sensitive customer data, including personal preferences and health information. Use this data to fuel AI/ML algorithms that can offer more personalized, secure, and enriching travel experiences.

How Vaultree Empowers the Travel Industry

Vaultree offers specialized solutions to various stakeholders in the travel industry. We work closely with your organization to integrate Data-In-Use Encryption seamlessly into your existing operations, ensuring safe and efficient travel solutions. Our platform is globally trusted, including by leading data-driven companies like Google.

More Solutions Available

The listed solutions only offer a glimpse into Vaultree's capabilities in the travel sector. We provide a range of tailored solutions designed to meet your organization’s unique needs.

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