Vaultree and AlloyDB: the world's first Fully Homomorphic and Searchable Cloud Encryption Solution

The world's first fully functional Fully Homomorphic (FHE) & Searchable Encryption (SE) based data-in-use solution with unparalleled performance and simplicity, powered by Vaultree with Google's AlloyDB for PostgreSQL.

Oct 11, 2022

Vaultree's Data-in-Use Encryption for Google's AlloyDB is available now for preview trial. 


“As the first always-encrypted, data-in-use solution vendor to partner with Google Cloud, we show that a new era of data protection in the cloud has begun. It’s a huge leap into a safer future with a new encryption standard.” - Ryan Lasmaili, Co-Founder & CEO at Vaultree. 


See how it can help you better protect your sensitive data: 


What is AlloyDB?


During the 2022 Google I/O convention, Google introduced a new database service that intends to free potential customers from their legacy database techniques. AlloyDB is a fully-managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database for demanding transactional and analytical workloads. It provides enterprise-grade performance and availability while maintaining 100% compatibility with open-source PostgreSQL.


“Databases are more and more shifting into the cloud and we anticipate this pattern to proceed as extra firms digitally remodel their companies. With AlloyDB, Google Cloud gives massive enterprises an enormous leap ahead, enabling firms to benefit from PostgreSQL’s best features, with the promise of improved velocity and performance, and predictable and clear pricing,” mentioned Carl Olofson, analysis VP of information administration software program at IDC. 


What makes AlloyDB different from other database services?


According to Google, when compared to a regular PostgreSQL database, AlloyDB was 4 instances faster for transactional workloads and up to 100 instances faster for analytical queries. Plus, it was twice as fast as Amazon's comparable service, Aurora Amazon.

What makes AlloyDB so effective is that it “disaggregates compute and storage at each layer of the stack.” As a result, AlloyDB is capable of scaling whereas performing in a predictable way while doing so. 

Image Credits: Google


Plus, it uses the same infrastructure building blocks that Google uses for YouTube, Search, Maps, and Gmail. In addition, it offers Oracle-to-PostgreSQL schema conversion and a Database Migration Program.


“As companies modernise their technology stack, they are increasingly moving to cloud databases to make their knowledge simpler and more agile. AlloyDB now offers a new stage of speed, scalability and reliability that could change the way potential customers use cloud databases to power their functions". - Amit Sharma, CEO of CData.


How Vaultree + AlloyDB can help you to take your data protection to the next level

If you thought that fully functional FHE was not possible in the cloud, think again. Vaultree did it!

How it works


Vaultree’s seamless solution consists of two components – one installed on the database, and the other on the application. Applications, architecture, and database(s) remain unchanged, aside from the insertion of Vaultree components. Users will now be able to trial running Vaultree’s fully homomorphic and searchable encryption technology in the cloud, representing a breakthrough in encryption standards to enable next-generation encryption and data protection. 

Vaultree and Google's AlloyDB for PostgreSQL allow customers to choose what to encrypt and manage their own keys with zero learning curve or changes to the existing query languages, data structure, architecture, network topology, or policies and/or permissions with minimal performance loss in the cloud. 

Why is it so cool? 

Vaultree's unprecedented development and innovation are geared towards meeting customers' data protection needs and legal requirements with unparalleled performance and simplicity, while expanding the depth and capability of the Vaultree solution, offering a wider range of possibilities to reach new sectors and markets. 


“The only way forward is always encrypted. To date, missing usability and performance has limited the adoption of encryption-in-use solutions, but Vaultree made it possible and took one step further: Taking it into Google Cloud.” - Tilo Weigandt, Co-Founder & COO at Vaultree. 


AlloyDB combines the best of Google with one of the most popular open-source database engines, PostgreSQL, for superior performance, scale, and availability. With this preview, Vaultree is enabling Google's AlloyDB customers to preview a reliable, fast and seamless integration of the most advanced encryption product on the market. Check it out yourself.